Crazy Side Effects of Losing 100 Pounds




Losing 100 pounds sounds like an impossible feat to a lot of people. I have done it. I have actually done it twice.I am going to save details on how I lost the weight for later posts but right now I would just like to go over some CRAZY side effects I have encountered.

1. I lose my Balance


Standing still now involves athleticism. My brain still remembers my larger size and often overcorrects when I get off balance sending me lurching towards the ground or the nearest wall. I try to keep a sense of humor about it.

2. I walk into Everything

I think this goes with the first one but I cannot seem to change directions around an obstacle effectively. Plus my knees and hips are in terrible shape from carrying all that weight for too long. The result had some negative effects on my mobility.

4. My Ears Ring

Extreme weight loss causes periodic tinnitus. Also, they will pop like when you change altitude. It is annoying.



This is another affect weight loss has had on my inner ear. The change in the size and pressure in my ear canals has definitely changed some things.

5.Seatbelts No Longer Strangle Me

This was a double problem. First was I was at the limits of the seatbelt sizing. So if I leaned forward at all it would cause the belt to go into locking mode and trap me against the seat. Also the way the seatbelt went around my stomach it used to cut across the side of my neck. Luckily, these are both in the past.

6. People Treat Me Differently

When I was at my biggest I was ignored more and treated with less respect. This was in both social and business settings. Fat prejudice is real. I receive much better customer service now.

7. The loose skin

I got out pretty easy the first time I lost a lot of weight. I was young and the end result was not that bad. Losing 100 pounds at 36 was not as kind.I look like like a flying squirrel. Did you know when you have the excess skin you are automatically searched at airports?

8. I am Always Cold

Freezing. Always. The kind of hypothermic cold that gets into your bones and you just want to give up and go to sleep.

9. Hair Loss

This was by far the worst side effect of losing weight. People were very rude about my hair. They would comment on it falling out, and even more so when I cut it short to let the new growth regrow.

10. Self-Esteem Boost

This is not because I think I look good. This comes from the sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing I could accomplish such a long-term goal. Having that much power and control over my body empowers me to believe I can do anything.

Here is the obligatory before and after.




1 Corinthians 6:19-20