VLOGGING Fail- What I have learned

Tonight I will be uploading my first VLOG that will be an official Breelyland.

My first video was a disaster. I made so many mistakes that I could not edit them away. What went wrong you might ask? I think I have narrowed down my top three mistakes.

1- Inexperience

Inexperience sabotaged most of my efforts. I forgot the training I had prior to starting. I was filming the wrong things in the wrong ways. I wanted to force situations and it showed. Another fatal flaw, I did not take the time to understand my camera.
I learned a lot from my failure. I think I have learned to slow down and think about the right way to do things. Take time for research whenever needed. Do not try to use equipment I have not taken the time to fully study.

2-Hyper focus

I was so intent on a certain outcome I was not paying attention to the things around the video I was taking. At times not realizing there were inappropriate back grounds or noises ruining my shot.

I will be sure to relax with future videos. Realistically it should be as easy as home videos.I really want to capture our family experience in a natural way. I think the magic comes from the editing.


There was shaky camera work and practically falling from not watching where I was walking. I also managed to delete several very important clips. But I think the most clumsy sabaotage was having Billy throw a tennis ball into my camera and break it.  On our second day of filming with it!

Sometimes, things are going to happen. Sometimes, “safety” will have to push “great intentions” out of the driver’s seat. I learned how important it is to be flexible.


I have ultimately decided to hide it away for true fans to enjoy. So it is now locked footage on Patreon. Become a subscriber to find out how truly bad our first try was. CLICK HERE to find out more.



There is a happy ending to my story. Here it is, my first VLOG “There Goes The Internet” Episode 2.



2 Chronicles 15:7