Emily’s Review of The Hobbit



Emily loves to read!

This is a video review of one of her many favorites. In this video, she reviews JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

She makes many great points. She finds that the characters have depth, even the minor ones. She enjoys the layers and details describing the books setting. She believes he paints a very clear world that is easy to lose yourself in.

Emily recommends this book to readers of the Fantasy genre especially. She also mentioned the book is referenced often in other Fantasy books.  Making this book a very important read to fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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Aiva’s Favorite Tech- The Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Aiva is a huge fan of the Fire. “I need my tablet” is said in this house at least 10 times a day. She has this really unique way of pronouncing the BL sound in the word. Makes the word sound extra exciting almost foreign. It is one of those toddler moments I know I will always treasure.

We bought this for my husband on a black Friday deal but quickly realized the power it had to entertain Aiva while on a car trip. After about 2 hours of her crying in her car seat, we stopped at a fast food restaurant with free WIFI and got it loaded with stuff for her. The 8 GB is more than enough to put a couple movies on along with a few free games and full-color children’s Ebooks. The kindle fire saved our vacation and we have not returned it to Billy since the trip.

We did invest in a good child safe cover that I will link below. This tablet has been going strong and enduring abuse for over a year. That is excellent to me since the half life of most phones seems to be about a month. The battery lasts a long time. Much longer than Aiva’s attention span. It has a cool dimming function for the screen when you watch it in the dark that I think helps her fall asleep easier than when she uses a different tablet.

In my opinion, no one will ever match the quality of this tablet for the price. It is well under fifty dollars and performs like tablets costing hundreds. It is durable and has access to so much free content. It also pairs seemlessly with your prime account although one is not neccessary to appreciate the fire. If you click the photo above you can purchase a Kindle Fire 8GB and Breelyland will receive a commission without affecting the price you pay.



Tommy’s Favorite Toy- Fisher Price Shape Sorter

Fisher Price Shape Sorter

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This is a top pick when I think of Tommy. I have actually repurchased this toy, twice, since I got my first one used. It is cool looking and simple and fun.  The lid stays on when you want it to but little hands can do it by themselves. What strikes me the most about this toy versatility. It helps him with his fine motor skills manipulating the shapes through the holes as we talk about color and shapes. You can even play matching games because there are two of every shape. This versatility can keep him and his 2-year-old sister engaged. That is not easy.

If he is by himself he will choose this toy off the shelf and play happily. The carry handle is a big bonus since he likes to carry it around. The size is a great fit for toddlers to manage.  He looks like he is heading off to work with a little toy briefcase. He has a good time playing with his shape sorter multiple times every day.

Priced under 10 bucks, makes it a wonderful gift idea. If you click the photo above you can purchase a Fisher Price Shape sorter and Breelyland will receive a commission without affecting the price you pay.