Libraries are Vital


Libraries should be the number one asset in your home.

If you are not a member of your local public library, you are missing out.  Libraries have so much to offer.  A library card is a key to an amazing network of tools for improving families.

The most obvious thing to access is all the free books. Kids of all ages should be read to daily from a large variety of books on a multitude of subjects.

The library really makes this cost effective. Even a small town library is going to maintain a collection many times what can reasonably be maintained in a family home.

When you consider extras the library has access to like EBOOKs and inter-library book loaning, the access becomes almost limitless.

There are much more than books to check out at the library.

There are magazines. The library maintains current subscriptions to various magazines on a lot of subjects. A lot of libraries also offer these as digital versions you can read on an app like ZINIO.

Audio books can be checked out from the library. Books on CD are an amazing way to add value to car rides with kids. It is easier than reading out loud.

Language learning systems. Libraries have top learning systems in many languages ready to go.

Movies for free. Libraries have DVDs that can be checked out with a library card. Not just educational and documentaries. The library also has popular entertainment movies for free.

This is not a complete list of things the library has to offer. You should check out your local library’s website for a complete list.

The Social Impact is Important, Too.

Libraries usually have clubs and meeting for many different interests. Our library recently had a meeting on beekeeping. Libraries have great kids programs with kids as young as infants welcomed. Libraries can do book clubs and summer literacy programs too.

Libraries are maintained for the purpose of providing equal access to educational materials.  Spending time at the library emphasizes the value a family places on education.  At the library, you will find other families with the same values.



Psalm 56:8