Main Characters

Hi! I’m Breely 38

 I am a struggling housewife married to a soldier. I have 3 extreme children I am trying to do my best with as I struggle with depression, anxiety, ADD and PTSD. 


 Hi! I’m Billy 37.

  I am a father of 3 and a paratrooper in the Army. I also volunteer as a fireman.


Hi! I’m Emily 13

             I am a teenager into Minecraft and youtube. I am on the autism spectrum with the accompanying – SPD ADHD ED Depression and anxiety 

Hi! I’m Aiva 2

 I am an energetic, sensory seeking, toddler with a passion for ballet.

Hi! I’m Tommy 1.

I am a happy and laid back toddler that likes dinosaurs and climbing everything. I struggle with feeding issues and delays.